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Wedding Services

Imagine this: It’s your big day; all of your closest friends and family have joined you to celebrate. It’s time for your first dance, a moment you will remember for the rest of your life. The music starts, you gaze into the eyes of your soul mate… your heart fills with joy… then the music starts to skip. The DJ scrambles to resolve the situation, as everyone stares at you still no music. You feel the tension and your heart that was full of love just second ago begins to boil the very blood that runs through your veins… still no music. The DJ get’s on the mic, “We are having technical difficulties- sorry everyone”… still no music. Then all of a sudden, the music starts… but it’s not your song… it’s the chicken dance. – Sounds like a nightmare right? Unfortunately similar things do happen, but they won’t happen to you! You made it here, to my website- you found me- and I WILL NOT let you down.

Here is how your big day will go with PackTheFloor: You plan your event at your own pace, on your own time with the help of our staff and our suite of easy to use online planning tools. No detail get’s overlooked- everything you want to happen, happens. You go into your big day knowing who your DJ is and knowing you can trust your event in their hands. Your DJ foreshadows the entire event with you so you are never left worrying. You walk into your reception feeling like a rock star (or princess if you prefer). You get introduced for your first dance in grand fashion without a hitch. The music sounds amazing, the lights perfectly fit the energy of each song and you live happily ever after on a packed dance floor with the people you love. Sounds great doesn’t it? Well it’s real; it can be a reality and that is the guarantee you get with PackTheFloor!